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Artists at Work, the debut podcast from Artstitution, shares stories from people who make art their business.

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Patron ($1-$25)
A shout-out on social media.
Submit your thoughts on the show to us and they could be read at the end of an episode.

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PLUS early access to each episode on Wednesday, with behind-the-scenes content
Recognition in the AAW newsletter.

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PLUS a special bonus podcast on Thursdays in between regular episodes with our Founding Director’s thoughts on the latest episode, answers to your questions, and interview material that didn’t make the episode.

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PLUS provide your vote on which people and/or topics will be covered in a future episode.

Producer ($200 or $20/month)
PLUS hear your name in the credits of every episode.

Executive Producer ($500 or $60/month)
PLUS monthly one-on-one meetings with the Founding Director to talk about the show, future episode ideas, the arts, arts administration, the weather, your favorite pet. Really, anything!

We value your privacy. If you do not wish to be listed or named in an episode, please select “No” under "List me as a donor" and we’ll take care of the rest. Thank you for your support!


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